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Divestiture Partners (“DP”) is a corporate development and advisory firm focused on helping corporations, private equity firms, governmental and not-for-profit entities realize enhanced enterprise value.

We specialize in providing solutions to corporate sellers of assets seeking to re-focus their portfolios and to investors seeking to increase value through synergistic acquisitions and investments.

Divestiture Partners
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Our strategic and financial solutions focus on the following:
• Monetizing non strategic assets;
• Creating successes businesses;
• Returning strategic, technological, and financial benefits back to the corporation.


The breadth and depth of our relationships with Corporations and PE Firms allows us to be successful in:
• Corporate Carve Outs
• Divestitures & Workouts
• Acquisitions & Integrations
• Joint Venture Partnerships


The Business HotSpot.
The foundation of business successes can be found in the internal and external environment in which they operate.

We believe the internal business environment: management focus, invested capital and strategic alignment may be more important to the success of a business than the external environment, which consist of market conditions, competitors, and general economic trends. Individual business success may require additional technical, commercial and organizational development. All of which may be outside the company’s core markets, customers and channels.

Finding the right environment for a business can mean the difference between having a marginal underperforming asset and an attractive growth business. In science, organic life and growth requires nurturing, attention and focus. Successful businesses need the same, their respective HotSpot. Finding the right home for corporate divisions and assets is the focus of Divestiture Partners. We are your partner in realizing enhanced enterprise value.

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