Government & Not-for-Profit Entities
In an environment of ever increasing demand for funding, it is critical for governmental entities to understand the value of their assets. Assets have value based on the revenue stream they generate. Developing strategies to monetize municipal assets could be an important source of funds for governments.

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Our Strategic and Financial Advisory Services for Governmental and Not-for-Profit entities to increase enterprise
value include the following:
• Deal Origination, Negotiations, Due   Diligence
• Monetizing Municipal Assets
• Capital Investment Analyses
• Executing Public-Private Partnerships


Public-Private Partnerships
Divestiture Partners applies its theme of “recognizing your core, focusing your energies and increasing enterprise value” to our community involvement. Divestiture Partners’ focus is on education.

The same fundamentals that drive corporate asset decisions should be incorporated into the total strategic options for governments. Unlike assets of corporations, ownership of municipal assets most likely must remain with the government. Divestiture Partners can work with governmental entities in developing their asset specific investment thesis creating mutually beneficial public private partnerships.

Our experience in developing water and waste water privatizations and advanced studies in public management speak to our abilities to effectively help governments and municipalities realize value in their assets.

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