The Divestiture Partners’ Approach
The success of the transaction is enhanced through a substantive opportunity to consult and develop a solid investment thesis for buyers and sellers. Attempting to engineer the success of the transaction at the deal table is a risky approach to creating enterprise value. .

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We focus on monetizing non strategic assets and in providing those benefits,
we perform the following services:
• Process the extracting of people and assets;
- Manage the transfer or licensing of intellectual - Build the entrepreneurial team
• Define/develop a compelling business plan;
• Joint Ventures and Partnerships
• Structure, fund and launch the new venture;
- Provide strategic and operational guidance
- Advise on the most appropriate funding options - Assist in business development


For Private Equity Investors/Acquirers
In today’s challenging capital investment environment, private equity firms, corporate buyers and potential investors need a partner in sourcing transactions to successfully meet the performance metrics set by investors or corporate senior managers. We believe opportunities are created and transactions are found. At Divestiture Partners, our focus is in creating opportunities. Successful performance requires a partner who understands the full deal cycle from origination to closing to integration and subsequent operations. Agents and finders are incapable of providing the required depth in the deal process. We are the bridge to enhancing value. .

The Auction versus the Negotiated Transaction
Some transactions can not be executed via an auction/competitive bid process. The commodity sale approach to business sales may not be the most prudent method of executing a deal. Among other factors, the underlying asset and revenue stream may suggest a creative approach to a divestiture. We seek to deliver value in the process to sellers and investors by substantively linking the benefits of each party.

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